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Crowd Pow Wow Proud Foundation believes in the right to Governing Our Own Lives and Path.

As a mother of an addict, & children who suffer with mental illness, as well as an individual who has suffered through great mental and physical pain, I put my foot directly in this fight.


Our Foundation believes this Medical Cannabis Program can work!


Crowd Pow Wow Proud, does not believe in the term “RECREATIONAL CANNABIS” which is a term used by many. When a Miracle Plant like Marijuana can do so much good it needs to be classified as one thing only and that is as a Medication! A Miracle Medication that can do many things. Marijuana is the hope for the new future of all whom choose to partake. Changing the odds for families all over the World this Miracle needs to become available to all who desire to take part in this opportunity.


Our children need to be informed and structured educational places need to be in place, in order to change the many years of stigma as well as clear up the lack of knowledge that is available to the public. Many of our children WILL benefit strongly from parents just taking a sneak peek into what Cannabis will do for them, Physically, Emotionally and Socially. Literally our families can thrive. We feel strongly that there are elements of the human body that have long suffered for lack of Cannabis use in our food sources and for medication purposes. We feel this plant has been set upon the earth for medical use for all who need it.

Our Foundation believes, All Medical Conditions Count. This Miracle should and needs to be the first line of defense for all Hospitals and Doctors, when treating their patients. Cannabis has become a very effective treatment for many conditions such as, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Cancer, and even ADHD just to name a few.   


Even conditions that are not immediate life threatening have a proven benefit to using Cannabis as a form of treatment.   

As a mother, now grandmother, I want Cannabis as a first line of treatment for my family and all of our future generations.  

Non addictive treatments are what we are seeking, and the option to use this treatment without “Income” or the “Stigma” being a restriction.  


Opiate addiction which has become a global issue, has affected every demographic. Addicts are relapsing and needing to reenter services over and over, before they either die or get a “clue” that the pattern won’t end without intervention.    

In our work this past year we have documented the progress this program has made for individuals whom suffer from addictions. Our foundation wants to provide after-care services to these individuals in the form of all-around support for families. Some programs are already being implemented through funding raised by the organization.

  1. Big brother/Sister Services  

  2. 24-hour access to advocates and other peers who have been through the same challenges  

  3. Reduced Certification Fee’s for Medical Marijuana  

  4. Detox Direction  

  5. Continued Medical Care and Wellness Visits with our contracted onsite MD or RN  

  6. Progress & Goal Planning for the future with assistance in schooling applications, job applications, housing and assistance programs to help with guidance.   

Crowd Proud feels the needs to spread the word on “why” it is important to be a card holding patient of the medical marijuana program.  

Crowd Proud is dedicated to educating families all over Pennsylvania in order to form a better understanding of why this change has come as well as “where do we go from here”.  


Crowd Proud will intervene with doctors to negotiate lowered fees for certification as well as compassion care for the clients who qualify.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will raise funding through organized events, personal requests in writing, for companies willing to help, organized peaceful gatherings, raffles, item sales, just to get us started.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will put our Hero’s first. Veterans who come to our foundation for support will not pay any certification fee’s.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will dedicate earnings to cover any and all Terminally Ill patients who wish to use the Medical Marijuana Program at NO cost. This includes the need for items needed to use these medications and medications as well.  


Due to the stigma still present, there are people still being told wrong information pertaining to this program. Crowd Pow Wow Proud wants to serve as a place that all individuals, of every demographic, can come to for education as well as pro/con information pertaining to the Medical Marijuana Program.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will seek the help of doctors, registered nurses and home health care providers in order to assist in making some these goals possible.  


Crow Pow Wow Proud will seek the help of the United Way Services for families struggling with needs at home. 1 on 1 support can greatly reduce the number of children who are getting pulled into the foster care system. Keeping families united is how we attack those staggering numbers our in nations' statistics. Statistics like homelessness, mental illness and a large number of petty crimes as well as the most serious crimes. These crimes are being committed by the lost ones of our nation.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud, believes we need to step up and step in the fight of keeping families unified. 

In my community, children are being removed from their, parents, siblings, and their homes as well as losing the full support of their entire family outside the home. 


The rights of the parents, are being cast aside while CPS is collecting our children and placing them into the system.  

Using an illegal and distasteful tactic, they have been known to go as far as coming into hospitals and removing newborn babies. These children which have no clear underlined signs of abuse or neglect during the mother's pregnancy, are literally being walked right out of the hospitals by these workers, while parents are left in shambles on the floor. 

No mother whom has just given birth to a child should be separated from her child. Being removed from a mother at birth can cause anguish to both baby and mom at that stage.  For the sake of the families we need to end this war with Cannabis Families and Children & Youth.  


Even families without cannabis use are being targeted. Children who maybe come from poor families or families in need of services are also a target. 


Often times case workers choose the most extreme approach before trying to keep these families whole. The first approach is often removal from the home. If the family chooses to opt out of receiving services from CYS they are threatened into doing so “or else”.

We want to be the option for families who WANT to reach out without fear of consequence. 


Lately CYS has taken on a “MOB’ like approach to breaking the faith and spirits of our families here in Luzerne County and in so many counties all over Pennsylvania and many other states. Our families wish it was as easy as completing services however that's not that way it works out in a huge portion of cases locally.  


Communities and families are truly afraid to cooperate with the services of CYS and individuals in the CYS systems. Cooperation means the possibility you will have your family dismantled. Possibly children won't even be placed together and a larger possibility that they will not end up with natural family. 


Crowd Pow Wow Proud, feels the need to step in and provide services which could lessen the number of children needing placement within the foster care and adoption system. 


Services that include the parents having the complete support of their communities without the fear of losing their children for lesser offenses then non-accidental abuse.  


Including services of respite care for children who may need to be placed with safe conditions until such time as the family can regain their footing and obtain that. Respite in a group home setting would be the best option for these children. The foster families have been known to appeal to the courts for permanency, due to having these children placed with them for long periods of time. This hinders the children from being reunited with their Biological Parents as the Foster Parent have grown attached and does not want to see the child leave. In other circumstances the foster families may be abusive to the children or neglectful, which causes damage to the child that can rarely be undone. Some fostering homes, become a fostering home to supplement income; therefore, it becomes a loss of income to them when the child returns home so there is no desire for the foster parents to work with families in reunification.  


Crowd Proud will step in to guide each family along that path of recovery from addictions, recovery from abuse, recovery from PTSD and violent crimes.  


Crowd Proud will provide many other additional services for all individuals in need. 


The Goals of Crowd Pow Wow Proud 


Provide safe group homes for displaced children until such time as reunification can happen. 


Specialized facilities will be built in order to house these children. Some facilities being able to house 1 parent with the children could also eliminate separation. Crowd Pow Wow Proud will use the services of the homeless shelters for two parent families and any overflow families in need of services. 


This we feel will eliminate the need for so many foster homes to be available for placements. 


Group home centers should be able to host visits for parents on site. 


This will greatly reduce the number of missed visits between parents and their children during the reunification process. 

Crowd Pow Wow Proud will seek out the help of professional counselors/rehab specialists, mental health and social workers, who also agree with the mission and goals of this foundation and will insert themselves in the lives of these people who need them.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will seek out additional help from resources pertaining to child development. Crowd Pow Wow Proud will create a program that will serve as an after-school community center that will become early intervention for families in our community.   


This program will bring children in from the cold weathers, kept away from the street like elements, as well as caretake for parents forced to work long late hours, and will focus efforts towards developing every child's special and unique talents. Crowd Proud will seek out individuals who will enforce healthy eating and exercise habits for developing children and teens. Crowd Proud will encourage education, self-esteem, the importance of bonding with others. Tutoring children and teens after school will be a service offered to the families enrolled with our foundation. Helping children/teens to a higher learning will be an honor for the “paid” as well as unpaid volunteers of our foundation. Early goal and career planning will be a service offered to the families enrolled in the foundation.  


No one will be turned away for services with the Crowd Pow Wow Proud Foundation.  


Non-Profit, comes with no handbook. Sometimes a person just has a vision and needs to take action. Non-Profit once established is vetted by the government to ensure the missions are worthy and necessary for the sake of people and the greater good.  


Initially, your mission may not be received as well as you envision it. You may fumble in your words of explanation, unaware yet how to educate others about your goals. You may host events, expect many but only few arrive. Volunteers promise to assist, but rarely follow through.  


No matter those ups and downs, when you believe in something strong enough, you tend to not give up. I am a fighter! I have in life always fought for the little guy when the bigger guy wants to be a bully. I have recently been told by a very good friend I respect and admire.  


“You're still fighting, it’s just not with your hands anymore”  


I personally have no education in running a business or a non-profit for that matter, however my mission is clear. Someone has to step in and speak for those whom cannot speak for themselves. There is an entire race/class/culture of Americans who, without help, will not understand how to or where to access this healthy alternative.  


All year I have done my best to spread this education & information. Assisted clients by doing free registrations. Raised minimal amounts of funding to cover cost for the terminally ill, the veterans and severely sick individuals. Negotiated reduced fees with doctors to aid those whom have less severe conditions and could pay a portion but are low to middle class demographically.   


Crowd Pow Wow Proud supports the veterans, disabled, terminally-mentally ill, opiate addicts, and any others who are qualified under the guidelines outlined in PA ACT 16 Medical Marijuana Program.   


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will continue to hold Medical Expo’s to bring people together for the information and help in accessing the program. Crowd Pow Wow Proud will research up to date information to keep patients aware of the changes within the states program.  


As Crowd Pow Wow Proud grows in numbers we will continue to hold events to raise funding. Educational classes which will gain revenue to aid in funding. Produce a line of products to support the continued efforts for relief when individuals come to our foundation for services. Crowd Pow Wow Proud will work to gain permits in food service which will aid in gaining revenue by our foundation.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud will be seeking permits to dispense donated medication free of charge to our clients covered only under the medical program. Crowd Pow Wow Proud will also seek permits to offer services for child-care, adult day care, home health care, Primary Physician care for patients at home, food banks, clothing banks, green house, and camp sites for the homeless, in order to offer our clients more services in the near future.  


Crowd Pow Wow Proud is on a dedicated and endless mission to turn the tables for the American Population.  

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