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  • Possession
    Under current law, state-approved cardholders are allowed to possess a 30 day supply of cannabis flower, creams, gels, liquids, oils, ointments, pills or tinctures. Originally, dried flower was unavailable to patients, however, the state recently approved its sale because of the low cost associated with unprocessed, dried cannabis flower. It was determined that flower was the most affordable option for medical patients in Pennsylvania so the change was made. It’s important to note that smoking dried cannabis flower is still illegal in Pennsylvania and patients will have to consume it via vaporization if purchased.
  • Purchasing Limits
    Dispensaries are allowed to sell up to a 30-day supply to a patient, with records kept for each amount obtained. Patients may re-up on their 30-day supplies during the last 7 days of their previous 30-day allotment, however.
  • Consumption
    Homes and private residences are the only allowable locations for medical cannabis consumption in Pennsylvania. Jobs can also approve its use but often do not.
  • Driving Under the Influence
    Driving under the influence of cannabis remains a felony in all states. In Pennsylvania, a first offense can result in a maximum 6-month prison sentence and up to a $5,000 fine. Driving under the influence of medical marijuana is treated similarly to an alcohol DUI.
  • Transporting
    Patients and caregivers can transport their medical marijuana within state lines as long as it is within their 30-day supply possession limit. Like alcohol, the cannabis must be kept out of reach and in a closed, sealed container.
  • Importing and Exporting Marijuana
    There are no clear rules regarding a patient or caregiver that obtained cannabis outside of the state. The state Department of Health will only advise in regard to the law within Pennsylvania. They do recommend that all purchases occur in state as well. Additionally, it is strictly illegal to transport medical cannabis from Pennsylvania across state lines.
  • Cultivation
    Pennsylvania marijuana laws do not allow for home cultivation at this time.
  • Reciprocity
    Pennsylvania does not currently have reciprocity for patients with valid medical marijuana cards from out-of-state.
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