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Crowd Pow Wow Proud families wish to greatly reduce the corrupt system of children and youth here in luzerne county. The families are asking/pleading for someone to step in. Allegations made anonymously that are not fact based, are becoming reasons for immediate removal of children. Families whom are found to need services are being separated. The law clearly stipulates reasons CPS can forcibly remove a child however judges are signing removal orders without supporting facts of abuse! Caseworkers lie to get their way and judges are granting these orders, it seems, for the dollars it produces the agencies. Too many children are gone forever and we need to stop the barbaric tactics. We need an organization that the families can trust. An organiztion who's interest is based on keeping the families united. Babies are being stolen from hospitals. Stolen from the families that love them. It is the responsibility of CPS to make sure they find family homes before foster homes. Not enough is being done to make this happen. We need Lala's Law intacted for this very purpose. 

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