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No censorship here. Nobody can give you honest and sound advice right from the gut like Proud Momma.

She’s “proud” of each and every one of you who gets up every day and fights the b.s. that comes at you from everyone who wants to interfere in your life. And she’s “momma” because she cares, and she understands tough love. She’s been there, she can empathize, and she’s got your back.

Want some honest advice? Need to cry-it-out? Is CPS knocking at your door? Facing a difficult decision?

Or maybe you have an uplifting story? Is there something or someone amazing in your life? Did you just accomplish a goal or check-off something on your bucket list?

Gold Swoop.png
Gold Swoop.png

Write to Dear Proud Momma and Proud Momma herself will respond to your message, and she will read and respond to some of them during a live stream on

The Crowd Proud Channel.

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